Du Zijian, Make money online

Du Zijian, Make money online

“…So I’ve been exposed?”

Matsushita narrowed her eyes and smiled, raising the white flag early.

“I don’t think it’d be difficult to stay in the top ranks if it were you. Even if we don’t end up on the podium, we’re bound to reach the top 30%! (MISSING)It would be more dangerous if I put my friends first and make a half-assed group with them.”

So this was what Matsushita really meant. She weighed me against her other options to form a group and chose me.

“I thought you’d get snapped up quickly, Ayanokouji-kun.”

Greet me as soon as possible. It also made understanding the evaluation of the other person’s intentions easier.

While it’s something to be grateful for, I never intended to come to a conclusion here from the start.

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There was nothing wrong with Matsushita, but the outcome would’ve been the same no matter who it was.

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“I won’t decide on my group, at least for this month.”

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“You mean that you want to wait and watch how things go?”

“After all, I’d like to see how the other classes move.”

I told her the most important factor.

But the part I cared about was different from what ordinary students cared about.