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Fortunately, no monsters appeared, and he passed it safely.

The second project was two rows of shoe cabinets. No abnormalities were found after careful testing, but after he crossed about a third of the room, a roaring zombie—with the appearance of a cleaner—suddenly appeared behind him and caught up to him.

Qiao Liang ran quickly subconsciously, but the shoe cabinets around him began opening automatically one by one without any warning. The metal cabinet doors flapped against each other to make a ‘ping-ping, pong-pong’ sound as stuff even sprang out from the drawers.

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These cabinets obviously had sensors. Contraptions would pop out scary stuff when people walked by it and would return to their original state after they left.

The cleaner zombie behind him was actually walking rather slowly. Its purpose was purely to scare the tourists. The shoe cabinets were the things that really scared them as they were automatic. The faster the tourists ran, the faster they popped out.

A large number of shoe cabinets would open at the same time, making it more terrifying.

The third project was a classroom with a few students taking exams with an invigilator.

The invigilator asked Qiao Liang to sit down in the back row to answer the questions. However, during the process of reading the question, a student in the front on his left raised his hand and said that his pen was broken. The teacher gave him something like a mousetrap with a pen inside.

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This student began to dismantle it carefully but failed in the middle of it. Both his hands were clamped directly, bone and blood clearly visible. He began to howl in pain, but the more he struggled, the tighter the clamp became. In the end, his right wrist broke. Four fingers dropped off from his left hand, and he passed out on the floor.

The other students and the teacher were still answering their questions casually while all these happened, turning a blind eye.

Qiao Liang knew that these were all fake. They were all props, but that actor’s skills made it so realistic that he was still frightened out of his wits.

After a period of waiting, Qiao Liang realized he could leave now. However, the student who passed out just now blocked his path so he would have to step over the ‘corpse’.

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The fourth small project was a very large space. It was much more spacious than the other small projects he was in previously. It was an oversized kitchen with a complicated structure. The visibility was very low, and the sound of chopping came from in front of him where the light was the strongest. He could see a door.

However, when he got closer, he found a figure that was a sturdy pig-headed man with a butcher knife. When he was chopping were stumps of arms, and the surrounding barrels were filled with disgusting and bloody meat.