how much money

how much money

Of course, as to what the new gaming project would be about, Pei Qian hadn’t actually thought it through yet.

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However, it was definitely the right move to divert these two people first!

After rewarding the outstanding employees, Pei Qian called Ma Yang to his office while everyone else returned to their desks.

Xiao Lu—Lu Mingliang—had never felt so excited about his job before. This round of outstanding employee rewards had been a real motivator for everyone! Boss Pei was trying to tell everyone what were the results of working hard. As long as they worked hard and became the best employee, they would be able to get a Dream Fund to fulfill their ambitions!

Even if they didn’t manage to be the best—as long as they were second place, they would be able to have a month-long paid holiday!

This precedent—as long as there was a precedent—was more effective than anything else!

Pei Qian’s Office…

Ma Yang actually was a little critical of Pei Qian’s arrangements. “Brother Qian, although you are my boss now; based on our close relationship, I have to be honest and direct with you. Even if you wouldn’t like what I say, I’ll say it anyway!

“I don’t think it was the right move for Lu Mingliang to take over Huang Sibo! I feel that Lu Mingliang doesn’t have any special skills. If he can be the chief planner… I feel that I can as well!

“I have participated in much of the design work this time; while I haven’t done that job before, at least I have seen how it had been executed!”

Pei Qian crossed his legs as he sat on his chair and smiled faintly at Ma Yang. “Relax; based on our relationship, would I mistreat you? Old Ma, although you weren’t the best employee, you have to believe me that you are my confidante! That has never changed!

“I had not arranged any important positions for you before; that is because I have something even more important for you now to deal with!

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“This is a key step towards Tengda Corporation’s diversification. I am prepared to hand this task over to you. Are you ready?”

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Ma Yang’s eyes lit up. “Really… really?”