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On the other hand, Ferris-senpai was sleeping with her face pressed against the pillow. The bed sheet was full of wrinkles, and her sleeping posture doesn’t seem to be so good.

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「Rose, wake up. We’re almost about to land in Cherin.」

And when I shook her shoulder gently,

「Nmm, nmm…」

She slowly raised her upper body and sat up.

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「Fuwaa……… Morning, Allen.」

She slowly stretched her body adorably.

「Y-Yeah… morning.」

The way she woke up and stretched was so charming that my heart started beating faster.

「Eh, uh… Well, it’s dangerous if you don’t wear a seat belt when landing. It’s time to get back to everyone, okay?」

「…… Yeah, I got it. Thank you.」

Rose said while rubbing her eyes, which were not yet fully open.

「Ferris-san, please get up. We’ll be at Cherin in less than ten minutes.」

「Nn… fuwaa… Okay though…」

Then I took the two of them, who hadn’t woken up completely yet, and went back to the room where Ria and the others were waiting.

About ten minutes later.

The plane landed safely and we arrived at Cherin.