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Since the seats on the bus were ordered according to our names, it was 'Ike Kanji' who happened to take the seat beside me.

I had intended to get along with him after enrolling but when I realized it, we had became 'only classmates' and our opportunities to hang out drastically decreased.

Even now it's not me, sitting beside him, that he's talking to. He stood on the seat with his knees, turned back, and talked to Sudou and Yamauchi and the others in a loud voice since they were seated far from him.

From time to time, I could hear the girls warning them about their voices being annoying but they don't seem to be paying attention to that.

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The bus interior is quite raucous. No wonder they aren't being considerate.

I do feel a bit lonely but there's no helping it.

Fortunately enough, through the exams I was able to befriend students like Keisei and Akito.

We were inside a bus with a harmonious atmosphere about it but I could tell that this won't be a mere picnic.

I may have been able to consider it mere leisure if it had been in the middle of the winter vacation but the 3rd semester is already underway.

In that case, assuming that this is going to be a special exam like it had been with the uninhabited island is best for peace of mind.

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However, it's not like Ike and the others haven't matured either. Probably. Chabashira observed the students going about their own business curiously.

Close to my seat and near the driver's seat, she's there just observing the students.

Since it'd be troublesome if our eyes met by any chance, I decided to look out the window.

This is a long tunnel.