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Nevertheless, it’s clear that Kushida has become an indispensable existence for Class D.

Whenever you look back on what’s happened so far, Kushida has always managed to become involved in it all. And yet, she never made any strong claims, and always devotedly worked on supporting others, engaging in self-sacrificing activities. And now that grassroots movement was steadily getting results.

She’s one of the strongest members with a somewhat distinct personality, and none of her classmates speak ill of her.

When someone isn’t around, the first things people usually say are negative ones that they can’t say when they’re around, but it’s amazing to only hear good things.

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“Ah, me too. You two come as well.”

“You’re like a child.”

Yukimura says this, but he didn’t seem to be that unwilling.

(Part 2 End)

The four of us stood outside the convenience store enjoying some ice cream that we had bought.

“Eating ice cream while it’s a bit chilly is delicious.”

Hasebe says so while carrying a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a thin wooden spoon up to her mouth.

Yukimura, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to eat ice cream very often, as he was still reading the ingredients.

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“This is just a list of preservatives and food colorings.”

“Wow, how are you able to eat anything if you’re concerned about that sort of thing?”

“I’d like to pay attention to the food I eat. I started thinking about it after what happened to my physical condition during the uninhabited island exam. Now I get my food from the organic section of the supermarket at Keyaki Mall.”

“You’re a really serious guy.”

Apparently, Yukimura recently became a health-conscious individual.