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I was feared as the Dark Valkyrie, but because I was not able to unite with God, for me who was still pure and unmarried, it was more difficult for me to raise and protect Lady Kron as a baby, than to go to war.

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―― Ugh, oh, mama…

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―― Lady Kron, I am not thy mother, I am Jamdi’el. I am thy vassal. And what happened? Why does thou shed tears?

―― Why do I have horns? Why am I different from everyone?

―― Of course. Thou is different from the monkeys out there. Thou is a chosen being with the blood of God in thy veins! So, please take care!

―― I don’t want to be God… I want to be normal… Jamdi’el isn’t a servant…

―― Lady Kron. Now, it’s time for thy studies, not to utter such nonsense.

For me, who has never raised a disciple or a subordinate, suddenly raising such a young existence was truly difficult, even though she was a goddess with divine blood.

―― Now, Lady Kron. After this, I would like to ask thou please give the order to all the revolutionaries. Afterwards, please rest. For Machio and I will dispose of all our enemies.

―― Yes, I understand. But please be careful, Jamdi’el. Don’t get hurt…

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―― There is no problem.

Then, when Lady Kron had grown to some extent, we moved in earnest to take over Cacretale.

I realized that Hakuki, who was stronger than me and a thorn in my side, could not move for a while, and furthermore, after the revolution was successful, the Bockmati family also perished on its own, so everything went according to my ideal.

Yes, all as if God were supporting me.

Oh, God. Are you watching over us?

Nearly there.

Although we lost God, we will once again harbor the blood of God in the world and bring his eternal rule to the world!

“Hey, Jamdi’el.”