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They really came knocking?

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Logically, they did not need a hundred percent of the shares. Moreover, what did they want management rights of IOI’s local server for?

Pei Qian had already decided to turn IOI’s local server into its loss-incurring machine. It was fine if he didn’t have enough money to interfere in Dayak Corporation’s acquisition of Finger Games, but were they really coming after his loss-incurring machine now? That was overboard!

Pei Qian frowned and asked, “Why does Dayak want management rights for IOI’s local server?”

He Desheng hesitated and then answered, “Dayak Corporation and Finger Games both think that we have been doing a bad job of marketing IOI so...”

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Pei Qian was speechless. “Nonsense!”

Don’t you know how horrible your game is?

I’ve done my best to help you, but to no avail. Shouldn’t you reflect and resolve the problems with yourselves? How could you blame this on us?!

We already gave you several suggestions on how to improve IOI earlier, but you chose to sit back and adopt none of them. Now, you’re blaming our management of the server?

F*ck you!

Pei Qian had no intention to sell the shares from the start, but he became even more adamant after hearing about their attitude.

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“We won’t sell the shares or the management rights of the server!”

Pei Qian could not be bothered to waste his time arguing with those foreigners.