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Then, I headed to Dagrio, the sunny country, as a Senior Holy Knight trainee, where I cut down one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Rain Glad.

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At the Keishinkai held on New Year’s Day, I met Tenshi-sama for the first time and repelled the demon, Zerey Grazario, who attacked the imperial palace all of a sudden.

After that, I collaborated with Chemy Fasta, the president of White Lily Academy and the world’s best medical doctor, and discovered “Allen Cell”, the first cure for curse in human history.

And just the other day… I infiltrated the Holy Ronelia Empire to stop the president’s political marriage.

(…Looking back, it’s been a really ridiculous year.)

Each one of them was a mega incident.

They were all on the scale where an ordinary swordsman might have never faced even once in the entirety of his life.

(And all of that occurred within the span of a year. Life has really been eventful.)

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As I sighed a little,

(…Come to think of it, even this has become quite the habit too.)

Perhaps because I was plunged into trouble after trouble non-stop, the number of times I sighed has increased over the past year.

As I vaguely looked back on the past year,

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「Allen, let’s get along in the second year too, okay?」

「I feel most fulfilled when I swing my sword with you. Yoroshiku for the second-year too.」

Ria and Rose said so and put on a warm smile.